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Services Offered to Customers

DOT-FMCSA Regulation Comliance

  • Mock Audits

  • Review and Maintenance of Driver Qualification files.

  • Tracking and reporting of driver physicals, license expiration's, annual reviews, drug screening, exit interviews, accident reviews, anniversary letters and more.

  • Assistance in conducting in person safety meetings and driver training.

  • Facility and terminal safety audits for OSHA compliance.

  • Written recommendations and action plans to correct deficiencies.

  • Tracking and entry of DATAQ challenges based on roadside inspection issues.

  • CSA monitoring and corrective action programs.

  • Assistance with on-site compliance reviews.

  • Assistance and preparation for New Carrier Entrant reviews.

  • Assistance for focused CSA interventions.

  • Negotiating of plea agreements and settlement agreements with FMCSA.

Driver Hiring Assistance

  • We process driver applications for our customers.  We make your reference check calls, obtain motor vehicle reports and other regulatory required information and provide you with a completed application, and reference checks along with our recommendation on the desirability of hiring or leasing the driver.

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Policy and Procedures

  • Prepare custom policies and procedures for you regarding FMCSA compliance.

  • Preparation of Internal driver and vehicle policies.

  • Compliance manuals to meet requirements of insurance carriers and others.

Regular Monitoring

  • Monitor each drivers individual performance and report to you using our exclusive risk-index and projected risk-index to enable you to respond to high-risk drivers.

  • Monitor tickets, accidents, company violations, cargo claims and more.

  • Turnover analysis.

  • Fleet rating report providing an overall analysis of the fleet drivers.

  • Accident analysis reports.

  • Birthday and Anniversary card program.

  • Log and hours of service auditing.

Telematics and Electronic Log Solutions

  • As a trusted partner with Assured Telematics, Keep Truckin and other providers we can provide you with electronic log and fleet monitoring solutions.

  • The Telematics and Assured Telematics, Keep Truckin and others working in conjunction with us enable us to provide real world diagnostic, electronic logging and fleet operation tracking on your vehicles.

Some other Services

  • Online Video Training

  • Road Observation Service

  • OSHA Compliance

  • MSHA Compliance

  • And so many more...

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