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Our History

Helpe Incorporated was founded in 1988 by Jim Henderson.  Mr. Henderson had begun working in the transportation safety field in 1971 working for such companies as Ryder Truck Rental, Penske Truck Rental, Builders Transport and Carretta Trucking.

Mr. Henderson began his consulting business with the intent of servicing large motor carriers with various transportation safety, accident, and regulatory issues.

During his early consulting he found there was a real need for smaller companies to access the expertise he was bringing to the larger carriers.

In 1990, Helpe revamped its consulting practice away from large motor carriers to be able to better serve smaller carriers with as much needed, but not as much money to purchase his valuable service as the large carrier.

With a focus on ongoing. driver application processing, regulatory compliance, driver training and safety meetings and a host of backroom support services he has been able to serve small to mid-sized carriers providing them with the expertise they need,, but in most cases could not afford.

The turnkey systems he has developed and implemented is the backbone of our company and continues to be our commitment to small and mid-sized carriers.

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